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"Unlocking Creativity: How to Shift Your Perspective and See Things Differently"

This is my first post and am pretty excited to write about what I love. What I love is art. All kinds of art. It inspires me. It gets me. It can lose me (into a great place).

I work my day job like many but love to escape into my creativity when time permits. I began looking at videos online during a time ..(not too long ago) when there was not much going on and the world seemed closed off. I noticed so many beautiful sparkly creations made with crushed and broken recycled glass on wood and canvas. I entertained myself looking at all these beautiful works of art and crafts and decided to give it a try.

After a few months I was asked to be part of a small gathering at a private club that I belonged to in Chicago. Big shout out to BirchRoad Cellar! I nearly sold out from my little pieces I made for the event. I was so excited. With the holidays around the corner, friends and family received homemade gifts that year. Whatever came to mind is what was created...coasters, jewelry, birdies made of seaglass and flowers to name a few.

What I have found from all my trials and errors is that there really aren't mistakes. Your art is a reflection of you. I started using pieces of my jewelry in my work. I had friends give me vintage pieces from their collections. I have broken glass and crystal that in the past I would have tossed out. I now look at everything differently. My perspective has shifted and I think to myself.....what can I make out of this? Everything can have a place.

I once read the late Andy Warhol used to keep everything he owned including pizza crusts, wrappers, paper bags, etc. Perhaps he was thinking of his next masterpiece or perhaps he thought of everything as being sentimental and just couldn't give anything up. To each their own.

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